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The Registered Home Inspector and ASHI® Certified Inspector

What Is An RHI?

Qualified members of the Ontario Association Of Home Inspectors have the exclusive right to call themselves RHI’s under The Ontario Association of Home inspectors Act, 1994 (The Ontario Government Bill 158). The Act and the by-laws:

  1. Define a home inspection through the Standards of Practice
  2. Establish membership criteria
  3. Set out a Code of Conduct, and
  4. Provide for regulation of the profession through the disciplinary process.

ASHI® and OAHI member Qualifications

Members must meet specific criteria in the area of:

  1. Education and continuing education
  2. Technical background
  3. Experience

What is a CAHPI National Certificate Holder?

  1. Complete a minimum of 200 hours of training courses specific to home and property inspections from an accredited institution
  2. Complete a minimum of 50 hours of practical field training.
  3. Pass all training course exams.
  4. Pass one test-inspection with peer review.
  5. Perform inspections for a minimum of one year as a Candidate (home and property inspector who have already practiced for more that one year may be exempt)
  6. Perform a minimum of 150 paid home and property inspections as a Candidate, using an inspection system that complies with the CAHPI Standards of Practice.
  7. Pass a minimum of two test inspections (at least three months apart) of houses with known defects, and have them reviewed by a peer. To Maintain National Certificate Holder status, inspectors must:
  8. Complete a minimum of 20 hours each year of any of the following -Technical courses or workshops directly related to home and property inspections
  • Courses in law, ethics, business practices, communication, conflict resolution, or other relevant subjects or
  • Service to the National Certificate Body or provincial affiliate.
  • Complete a test home inspection with peer review every fifth year.
  • Continue to comply with the CAHPI Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

What does this mean for the purchaser?

Peace of mind. Knowing that all members of ASHI®, RHI’s and National Certificate Holders have proven ability and experience.

Accountability. All ASHI® Certified Inspectors and RHI’s must be accountable for their actions. Complaints will be heard by the professional standards committee, and disciplinary action will follow.

What does this mean to me the Realtor, Lawyer, Banker?

Enhanced Professional Image. Putting people in touch with home inspection professionals reinforces your relationship with your clients.

More Protection For You. You reduce your liability for both condition of the home and the quality of the Inspector you recommend when you direct people to ASHI® Certified Inspectors and OAHI – RHI’s.

The Better Business Bureau is another logo you should look for when picking a home inspector.