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What Causes Moisture and Air Problems in Your Home?


Condensation occurs on cold surfaces. It results from:

  • Excessive moisture production:
    • Ventilating with warm outdoor air during spring and summer can cause lots of condensation in basements;
    • By evaporation from showers, washing dishes and clothes, cooking, aquariums, standing water, people, pets and plants;
    • From inappropriate use of humidifiers;
    • In damp basements;
    • From earth floor basements or crawlspaces.
  • Inadequate ventilation with outdoor air:
    • Air inside house is not exchanged with outdoor air (in general outside air in cold weather will help dry the air inside the house).
  • Cold surfaces due to:
    • Inadequate heat or insufficient heat provided to areas of the home (i.e. spare bedroom heat blocked off if room isn’t used regularly, unheated basement);
    • Wide swings in inside temperature (i.e. thermostat setbacks, uneven heat distribution from use of wood stoves, unheated room);
    • Poor air circulation within a room due to furnishings against exterior walls;
    • Poor quality windows or heat blocked by blinds or drapes;
    • Poorly insulated walls and ceilings.
  • Cool basement surfaces in summer.

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