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Who needs a home inspection

All home buyers. One essential step in the home buying process is a home inspection by a qualified home inspection professional, RHI. (Registered Home Inspector).. A sound home inspection provides you with the information necessary to make an educated home purchase decision, increasing your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the home.

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Home Owners. Do you need unbiased information about major repairs or improvements to your home? Do you have a maintenance schedule for your home that tells you what you should be doing in the spring, fall, and annually? Do you think your home is maintenance free? A sound home inspection can provide these answers.

Pre-Lease. If you plan to lease you will want to know the condition of the property. Both at the beginning and end of the lease. The home inspection provides you with a written report for short term repairs on commercial or residential properties. Who will be responsible for those costs?

New construction. Inspections by Gibson provides a new home service. We will provide advice prior to the contract and one separate home inspection during construction, including the P.D.I. We have found that working with the client and builder during construction keeps the builder informed on final inspection defects. It is hard to keep track of the forty plus different sub-trades on a large survey. With the eyes of an RHI, you may head off a lot of potential problems.

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Final Inspection For New Buildings. The new purchaser is left with little time to inspect for deficiencies and is not usually instructed as to the locations of gas, water and electrical shut -offs. The furnace is another major component that should be explained in detail. With the home inspection report, defects are independently recorded. If you must go to the TARION Warranty Corporation you have it on record.

CAHPI New Construction Inspector (NCI). The purpose of the pre-delivery/new construction inspection protocol for new homes is to serve as a voluntary quality assurance tool to provide a consistent pre-delivery/new construction inspection for verifying that the systems and components are installed properly and functioning as intended. It is neither intended to serve as a code compliance tool nor to replace the services provided by municipal building officials. The pre-delivery/new construction inspection protocol has been developed through consultation with the affected key stakeholders such as private home inspectors, builders, warranty providers and consumers.

Home owners are not familiar with all the codes, rules and regulations required by the Ontario Building Code, local municipalities and TARION. As a qualified NCI we can assist with the process.