How This New Trend in the Home Inspection Industry Could Affect You

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You can’t purchase a $5,000 car without a safety check, but people seem to think that they can buy a $500,000.00 house without a professional inspection, which is an enormous mistake!

You are making the biggest purchase of your life, so you must understand the condition of the property before you purchase it.

We realize that home-seekers are excited when they narrow down their dream home, and they are scared that there will be multiple offers made to the seller. However, waving the inspection could cost the purchaser tens of thousands of dollars if there are serious problems with the property that do not get identified, before signing on the dotted line.

Is it worth jeopardizing your entire future? The situation will affect your financial status, and could possibly harm your relationship, as it puts a serious strain on the family once all the funds have disappeared.

On the other hand, taking the time to have a professional inspection will put things into perspective, as you will understand the upcoming repairs to the home and discover any significant problems.

The seller may provide an inspection report which you must read and understand. That said, many times, defects are reported but are hard for you to examine, such as leaky basements. So having a professional take a look on your behalf will provide an unbiased opinion.

With over twenty-eight of trusted experience, Inspections by Gibson will help you with your home inspection. Our services range from rendering a single-family home report to providing thermal imaging, water softener test, wood energy technology transfer (WETT) inspection, and radon testing.

We conduct home inspections for buyers, homeowners, pre-lease, new constructions, and final reviews for new buildings. We are also familiar with the codes, rules, and regulations required by the Ontario Building Code, local municipalities, and TARION.

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