How To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Inspection

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Whether you plan to buy or sell a house, getting a thorough inspection done is essential as it is a vital part of the real estate transaction process. When sellers get a home inspection, they can verify the condition of their property. Accordingly, they can make repairs and changes that increase the value of their house. For buyers, on the other hand, a home inspection will reveal immediate and underlying problems with the property they are interested in. This gives them more power to negotiate the price of the house and determine if it is worth investing in.

As you can see, enlisting the services of a home inspector is crucial when it comes to real estate transactions. However, before you decide to hire the nearest and cheapest inspector, you need to verify their services to ensure you receive reliable information that can benefit your intention to buy or sell.

To help you gauge the quality of home inspection services, Inspections by Gibson has explained some crucial factors to judge prospective inspectors. Keep reading to know what they are and how you can use them to get the most out of your home inspection.

Ask about their knowledge and experience
You want to ensure your inspector has in-depth knowledge to determine the condition of your current or future home. Most inspectors gather knowledge about home inspections through training and experience on the job. So, to check if your home inspector is knowledgeable, ask about their training and field experience.

Do a background check
Check the background and history of different inspectors before you hire one. This will help you determine if they have been involved with the home inspection industry before and in what way. It will also disclose how many paid inspections they have performed and if they were successful.

Verify their loyalties
When looking for a home inspector, it is essential to choose one who is unbiased and loyal to your needs and not your real estate agent’s suggestions. They should also be willing to do a thorough inspection of the property and give you an accurate estimate of how long it will take to complete. That way, you can quickly take any necessary action.

Check the costs
While enlisting a home inspector, make sure you ask them for a quote before requesting an inspection. At the same time, remember to check the speed of the inspection. A cheap inspection that takes a short time usually indicates poor quality.

Ask about the payment process
If the inspector is not charging HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) or is working for cash, this is a red flag. Make sure you avoid choosing their services as they may not be actual professionals.

Look for certifications
If you require a radon test to be done, ask if your inspector is a member of the Canadian- National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) and if they are a Certified Radon Measurement Provider. You can check the qualification of a C-NRPP Measurement Provider by going to the official C-NRPP website at Similarly, if an inspector is qualified, they must follow the standards and protocol of the association they are a part of.

Check for professional equipment
To perform an inspection, an inspector should come fully prepared with the necessary tools to inspect the property. They will need to bring measuring equipment, testing apparatus, ladders, and other equipment to carry out a thorough inspection.

Ask for a contract
Before the inspection is conducted, your inspector must prepare a contract stating the inclusions and exclusions of their services. This document must then be signed and stamped by them so you can hold them accountable for their services. Upon completion of the inspection, you must receive a written report that includes their findings and unbiased advice about the property.

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